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Sangeetacharya Dr Mohan- kumar Darekar is one of today’s widely acclaimed performers, gifted with a powerful, well trained voice that traverses with ease over three octaves, while displaying perfect diction, purity in sur and a very good command over tala and laya allowing him to create complex and rhythmically very attractive tana and sargam combinations.

Special Interview
Dr Mohankumar Darekar at Savai Gandharva
15 Dec 2008

Will you tell us how it happ-ened that you got to sing at the Festival on last Friday? You weren’t scheduled for this year, right?

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Prabhu Lagan

Favourite track "Aisí lagana lagáí tu kahán jaisí more Prabhu"
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Maze Jeevan Gane

Dr Darekar shows which influences have contribu ted to forming a musician like Panditji, by giving an account of his upbringing, the problems he had to negotiate,
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